The Word of Kwok - The Truth - a first book by unknown author Kenny Ngan that will challenge your beliefs about religion and its place in your life.

Also I have to come after the Tsunami that happened in the places where divers loved to go [6]. It was safe if people ran straight up to the mountains [7]. There was a village that not even one person died of the Tsunami because they followed the sayings of their ancestors to run into the mountains.

I have to wait for the coming of Katrina too. People's lives were spared if they stayed on the rooftops [8] because the flooding in the New Orleans was only eighteen feet high. I open my mouth to unfold parables only when all these prophecies have been fulfilled. I will utter things that have been kept secret from the foundation of the world [9].

The Bible is a book of prophecies. By using parables, similitude, allegories, riddles, shadow and images, it foretold people what will happen to me physically or spiritually. It told also things happening in this world about this time. Read the first five chapters (PDF) by clicking on the link near the bottom of this page.

Click this link for PDF samples: Chapters 1 - 5

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Any questions regarding the book may be addressed by emailing author Kenny Ngan.

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