This is a story about the man Kwok who landed in Canada from Hong Kong as an immigrant at forty. Searching for spiritual guidance, he entered into an IKT temple in Montreal. Satan and the followers, the demoms, ultimately cast him out of the temple.

When purification has accomplished, Kwok gave birth to a second soul at his mid fifty. This is Kwok’s only begotten son, the Christ who is pure, perfect, spotless and without sin. After raising his spiritual son to Heaven, Kwok wrote this book in order to help people understanding the Truth and the saving of soul.

Without guessing, Kwok has explained the whole Bible from beginning to end with only one story about his life. His story is supported with proofs, facts and a lot of figures. If you don’t believe Kwok is bringing good tidings and Salvation to you, don’t waste money to buy his book. Buy a pair of jeans or enjoy watching a movie with friends instead. Salvation will only come to those who believe and are spiritually ready.

This book will help you understand the Truth of the Soul and the Spirit, your Self, this world, the Bible and its prophecies, the Koran, the kingdom of Heaven, God, the Holy Father, the Holy Ghost, the Messiah, the coming of Christ, the Son of God, Jesus, the Lord Yahweh, Melchizedek, the real Jerusalem, the Promised Land, Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, the Cup which is not the holy grail, the Beauty and the Beasts, the temple of God, the false prophet, Mother Teresa, Religions, Allah, Jihad, the Ark of Noah, Sabbath, Adam, Eve, Satan, 666, 9-11, Armageddon, the secrets of the One US Dollar bill, Free Masonry and its symbol, the prophecy of Nostradamus, the pyramid and the Sphinx, the journey of Moses, the pilgrimage, the fate of religions etc. etc., but most important, “THE MEANING OF LIFE”.

ISBN - 978-0-9783295-0-1

Any questions regarding the book may be addressed by emailing author Kenny Ngan.

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Welcome to the Word of Kwok web site. The content of this site includes information about The Word of Kwok - The Truth - a book that will challenge all you've come to know about religion and its place in your life. ISBN 978-0-9783295-0-1

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